Close Outs

Close Outs are Products that we have decided to not carry any longer. These products are soon to be Discontinued or Phased out of our product line up. If you are missing pieces to complete your collection you need to purchase them now. Showrooms across the country are in the process of reducing and/or blowing out stock on these items. You will also notice stocking dealers will not sell odd pieces of their inventory, thus you will have to buy complete sets. The time to buy these sets are now or you will have a hard time finding them later. We are giving the best discounts on these items and once they are gone they are gone forever.


Promotions are items, usually collections, that we are working on increasing the sales numbers due to any number of factors. A promotion could be based on an over stock situation of made up product, fabrics or frames, or another dealer has not accepted their orders leaving plenty of stock ready to move for discounted prices. These items will go back to regular prices once the reason for the promotion has passed.

Sales Items

Sales Items are items, usually individual items, which we are offering a discount to purchase. These items may be timed with holiday sales events or in conjunction with a production or shipment need we may have. By increasing the sales numbers in these items we obtain an advantage saving costs and thus offer you a discount for helping us. These products come and go and rotate depending upon our needs.

Every Day Pricing

You will notice that our pricing is great from the start. We are offering Catnapper furniture for sale at an every day great price. We do not include any additional services, such as delivery fees in our prices. If you are in need of delivery please ensure you check with our online delivery calculator or simply add products to a shopping cart to get your delivery quote. You may pick up your furniture or make your own arrangements with no charges from us. We are offering Catnapper furniture products for sale only, all other services may have their own charges. We will ensure you know all your costs upfront if you are shopping our site via the Shopping Cart method of Adding Items to your Cart. If you are not using our online Shopping Cart ensure you make note of the weight of your items and use our Delivery Quote system to obtain delivery charges if you are using our service. If you wish to make your own arrangements contact us to find the closest warehouse for pick up, no charges from us.

*The items above may also be for sale in other avenues online and in our showroom. We will disclose all information known and represent the products accurately so you may make the best decision for your needs. Since these products are also for sale in other venues and additional information may be needed to make a buying decision we ask that you Call or Email us with your interest in Purchasing Close Outs, Floor Models, and Over Stocked Items. A sales representative will provide a current inspection as well as any additional images needed to make your decision the best one possible. If you can visit our showroom in person in North Carolina we would be glad to have you.